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Troodo Mountains

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If exploring culture is not normally ‘your thing’, I’m sure you will change your opinion once you have explored the Troodos mountain villages in Cyprus! A life very different from what we know it as, the mountain villages are a world that time has forgot! If you want to get away from all the hustle, bustle and excitement of the built-up and modern tourist areas, then go and visit the Troodos Mountains for the day!

With the highest point being 1,952 metres above sea level and taking centre stage over the majority of the island between Paphos, Polis and Limassol, the Troodos Forest consists of natural, unspoilt beauty. Fascinating and historic monasteries, churches and taverns all contribute to the inspiring culture of this island, along with the picturesque villages, where you will find true Cypriot inhabitants living in an old fashioned world, which will open your eyes to the different ways of life. Ladies gathering herbs in the fields whilst their husbands ride donkeys or sit in the village coffee shop putting the world to right. Walking through the village markets you will find ancient crafts still being practised, such as lace making, weaving and pottery to make exquisite hand crafted pieces to put the cheap, foreign imports to shame!

There are not many places in the world, where you can walk freely amongst another life, like you can in the villages of Troodos. Take a jeep along the small country roads, which wind around the mountains and take in the beauty and scenic views like no others! The lower slopes consist of traditional vineyards, majestic cedars and simply breathtaking waterfalls and exquisite natural beauty, whilst the higher regions are laced with snow and home to some of the most outstanding ski slopes, making perfect winter sports breaks, also up high you will get a look at the Cypriot mouflon, the mountain-sheep that exist only in Cyprus