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Average Temperatures in Paphos

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
63°f 63°f 64°f 70°f 75°f 82°f 84°f 86°f 82°f 79°f 72°f 66°f
45°f 45°f 46°f 52°f 57°f 63°f 68°f 70°f 64°f 61°f 54°f 48°f

Temperatures can vary in High season June, July, August and September temperatures have been as high as 100 deg F

Gold = Morning,   Blue = Evening  

The Weather To Expect On Your Holiday

Paphos being part of Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate which means sunshine almost all year round. The winters here are short and mild and the summers tend to be long and dry.

Summer Months:-

Cyprus has long been known for its sunshine and on average, you can be guaranteed almost 300 days of sunshine per year. The sky during these summer months tends to be cloudless but the sea breeze that blows helps to create a pleasant atmosphere especially along coastal areas.

During summer months you can expect to find temperatures that are well above 90 degrees fahrenheit, and around the coast the average temperature during the summer months of June, July, and August is approximately 95 degrees fahrenheit.  Inland of course, temperatures will be much higher. Paphos it has to be said has the finest climate on the island of Cyprus which tend to be perfect for tourists and nature holiday makers.

Visitors often wonder what Paphos weather is like in March, April and May.

  • Paphos Weather in March - 64 F (Average Temp)
  • Paphos Weather in April -    70 F
  • Paphos Weather in May -    75 F
  • If you are booking your holiday to Paphos the best times to travel are between April and November.

Those looking to enjoy a beach holiday tend to arrive between June and October and are guaranteed fantastic weather.

The Troodos Mountains can sometimes be a welcome relief for many tourists as here the temperatures during the summer months are much cooler and can be as much as 10F or 15F degrees lower than that of the coastal regions. There is very little rain during the summer months but during winter and spring months you can expect occasional short showers ensuring green vegetation.

Winter Months:-

In winter months you can expect temperatures of approximately 64 degrees F in Paphos during the day. Night time temperatures rarely fall below 45 degrees F although further inland they can be as low as 40 degrees F. Snow is also a feature but this can only be found on the higher mountain peaks.


There really isn't a best time to visit Paphos but if you really want to experience the really hot temperatures, July and August are the hottest.   September to June is hot but more temperate. For those who prefer the mildest temperatures in Paphos from November through to April it is perfect.